Professor, Durham University

Ted Schrecker is a political scientist who moved from Canada in 2013 to take up a dream job as Professor of Global Health Policy at Durham University. For the past decade, his research has focused on the effects of globalisation on health, and he coordinated the knowledge network on globalization that supported the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health. Ted edited the Research Companion to the Globalisation of Health (Ashgate, 2012); was a co-author of the first book-length assessment of how the policies of the G7/G8 had affected global health (Fatal Indifference, University of Cape Town Press and International Development Research Centre, 2004); and subsequently published numerous articles and book chapters on the political economy of global health and health inequalities. Ted also has a long-standing interest in, and research track record on, issues at the interface of science, ethics, law and public policy.

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