Phoebe OWUOR

Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries

Phoebe Owuor is a consultant in international trade and development, who has worked at development agencies for the last 17 years. Her key areas of expertise are- 1) strategic international trade and enterprise development, 2) Agribusiness with focus on value chain (development & facilitation) and 3) organization/institution development and alignment of enterprise management systems. She has worked in Eastern Europe, Asia Middle East and over 30 African countries. Her consultancy services are offered to organizations like-CBI, ITC, ICCO, BTC and the EU.
Phoebe has a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience on private sector development. She has successfully managed, facilitated and/or coordinated several projects. She facilitates stakeholder platforms that lead to sustainable market linkages at the same time creating enterprise competitiveness for SME actors. She is one of the few African Food Champions on food security and a Pan-Africa Interaction leader. She holds an MBA and a PGD in International Trade Management and Development. 

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