Vice President for Species Conservation, African Wildlife Foundation

Philip Muruthi is African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)’s Vice President for Species Conservation in-charge of the organization’s species protection strategy. He joined AWF in his native Kenya in 1997, having earned his PhD at Princeton University, USA. He has managed AWF’s growing applied species research and management portfolio since 1997. Philip has keen interest in in situ protection of endangered species including rhinoceros, elephants, large carnivores, great apes, among others. Philip approaches natural resource management broadly, ensuring that species, communities and systems are part of integrated conservation including community participation and livelihood improvement. Philip is leading AWF’s efforts working with key partners to design and implement our approach targeting stopping the killing, trafficking and demand to curb the current poaching crisis. Philip is a member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission and the World Commission on Protected Areas. As AWF’s Chief Scientist for over ten years, he oversaw AWF’s conservation planning (including protected areas) across several African landscapes.

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