Director of Multilateral Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile

Paulina Nazal has a Commercial Engineering Degree (Business administration) from the University of Chile and a Masters in Applied Economics from New York University. Academically, she has taught economics at the Universidad Diego Portales and at the Institute for International Studies of the University of Chile.

She joined the General Directorate of International Economic Relations (DIRECON) in 1994, serving as economic adviser in the Department of Services and Investment and the WTO Department, after which she moved to the United States to continue her postgraduate studies in her specialty. In parallel, she worked in New York as an economic and financial analyst at banking institutions and from 2001 to 2004 and she served as an economic consultant for Central America at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Washington DC, for the book entitled Determinants of Growth in Central America.

She rejoined the DIRECON in 2006 and for two years she was head of the Northern Department of the Directorate of Bilateral Economic Affairs America, implementing and administering the Free Trade Agreement with Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. In 2009 she became head of the Market Access Department, leading the negotiations on trade in goods of free trade agreements with Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Pacific Alliance and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement.

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