Founder and Managing Director, Mark Eddo Media

When it comes to understanding how to get the best from the media companies in West Africa turn to Mark Eddo. Mark’s career in international news media spans 15 years and three continents. 

Before founding his rapidly expanding communications firm Mark Eddo Media, Mark was the Business and Economics Senior Correspondent for ITV News in London. On most week nights Mark joined Sir Trevor Macdonald on the News at Ten programme to keep ITV's 5 million regular viewers informed on all the major business stories. ITV News is produced at the London studios of ITN, the world's largest independent broadcast news provider. 

Mark joined ITN in January 2006, where he put business and economics at the heart of the ITV News schedule. He has interviewed such luminaries as Bill Gates and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and distinguished himself with a series of reports on the worsening economic climate brought about by the credit crunch. 

Before ITN, Mark spent 4 years working as a presenter and reporter at the BBC. He regularly hosted 'World Business Report' on BBC World, seen by over 200 million viewers every day. Mark can still be seen on BBC World’s Africa Business Report where he files regular TV reports on the most exciting trends in business.

Mark was one of the first TV journalists to entirely devote his efforts to charting the rise of the digital revolution. In 1996 he presented the news segment of MSNBC's award-winning technology program 'The Site', in San Francisco. Mark later joined ZDTV, the US cable network devoted to the digital lifestyle. He presented 'Big Thinkers', an in-depth discussion programme with guests such as former US Vice president Al Gore, Jazz legend Herbie Hancock, Spiderman creator Stan Lee, and the creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners -Lee. 

He is also a popular public speaker, most recently moderating an international conference of business leaders called the Digital Forum in Seoul, Korea

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