Consultant/Development Policy Analyst, Kenya Debt Relief Network

Kiama Kaara is a Kenyan based Researcher, Consultant and Development Policy Analyst. He works mainly on issues around Debt, Aid and Economic Governance. Through Research and Policy Analysis, Capacity Building and Technical Enhancement, Trainings and Modular Accompaniment his work seeks to interrogate equip skills on the forgoing political economy of the country especially as relates to the national development strategy. This is through budget analysis, Public Finance Management and Analysis, Public Expenditure tracking, Project Impact Assessments and Project Monitoring and Evaluations. By offering credible policy analysis and alternatives, his work on Public Debt Management seeks to address the crippling debt burden facing the country and inform Kenya’s economic modeling.
Kiama Kaara studied Political Science and Sociology for his undergraduate. He holds a Post Graduate degree in Globalization, Social Justice and Civil Society and a Masters in Development Studies specializing in International Political Economy.
As a budding scholar, his major area of focus are on Land, Natural Resources Governance, Extractives, Privatization and Public – Private Partnerships and on International Financial Institutions (IFIs) especially the implications and effects of their policies and prescriptions on Africa’s economies. Currently, he works as the Programmes Coordinator at the Nairobi based policy advocacy NGO, Kenya Debt Relief Network (KENDREN).

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