Ingrid JEGOU

Senior Programme Manager of the Global Platform on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainable Energy, ICTSD

Ingrid JEGOU is the Senior Programme Manager of the Global Platform on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainable Energy at ICTSD since 2011. She also serves on the Committee for Operations and Strategy in ICTSD. Ms Jegou, who holds a Masters of Economics from Lund University in Sweden, joined ICTSD in 2009, first as a Research Fellow and later as a Senior Programme Officer before taking up her current position.

Ms. Jegou has served as a Senior Adviser and a Senior Economist at the Swedish National Board of Trade in Stockholm, where she dealt with issues related to trade, sustainable development, and climate change. Prior to this, she served as an analyst at the National Board of Trade and at the Swedish Institute for Food and Agricultural Economics.

Ms Jegou is a non-voting member of the Alliance of Sustainable Energy Trade Initiatives, the SETI Alliance. She is also the group manager for two E15 expert groups on trade and climate change and on trade and clean energy. She is a member of the Climate Strategies led initiative “Global Research-Policy Interface Climate 2015” She represented ICTSD in the Green Growth Action.

Ingrid has authored and co-authored a number of papers on trade and climate change, trade and development and trade in agriculture. She is an experienced speaker and meeting moderator.

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