Market Linkage Specialist, USAID-East Africa Trade and Investment Hub

With a passion for African economic development, Mr. Kong'ong'o's  technical skills have had tremendous impact in the regional value chains  and industrialization space in Africa. He believes in Africa's sustainable economic development through industrialization and regional integration. His expansive experience started at an early age in the cotton farms, then at the factory floor before crossing over to work as a buyer representative. He spent a brief stint at the  national standard regulatory body before moving into the regional economic development sector. Fred is well vast with potential, opportunities and spill-over effects created by two simultaneous processes in Africa: deepening regional integration and strengthening the cotton value chain.

Currently he works as a Market Linkage Specialist at the USAID-East Africa Trade and Investment Hub(The Hub). Prior to  joining The Hub, Fred helped drive the Industrialization , Science , Technology and Innovation programmes at the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa(COMESA), the largest regional economic block in Africa designed to foster regional economic integration . He also helped conceptualize and set up the Africa Cotton and Textile Industry Federation (ACTIF), the only Pan-African private sector organization that represent the entire  cotton to clothing value chain in Africa. In his spare time, you can often find Fred playing with his family, lending a hand in a community project or reading anything dealing with development.

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