Esteban DONOSO

President of the Board at Pro Humano Genere and partner at Corporación Legal EC

Esteban Donoso has proposed in his books, both in English and Spanish, to share the global burden of innovation equitably. In a resent paper at NYU´s IP Law Review, JIPEL, he delivers an economic analysis that shows the hypothetical system he proposes is more efficient. He has previously argued the change he proposes, which entails a modification of article 33 of the TRIPS Agreement, would make the system fairer. It is, therefore, convenient for both developing and developed countries. In it´s simplicity rest its appeal. Needless to say, it has gathered a lot of attention. 

Esteban is an Ecuadorian lawyer, has two master´s degrees both in Ecuador and the United States, recently passed the New York State Bar, was an university teacher at PUCE in Quito, is a partner at Corporation Legal EC since 2005, and is currently the president of the board at Pro Humano Genere, the NGO he created to put forth his proposal. He has been in the last years around the world exposing this novel idea.

At first his areas of private practice were administrative law and IP, mainly at the local level. IP and the way he thinks about it shifted his career to a global one, focusing on WTO issues, competition (antitrust), and international IP. He has just passed the New York State Bar. 

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