Dr. Jodie KEANE

Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute

Jodie Keane is an Economic Advisor with the Trade Division, Commonwealth Secretariat, with responsibility for global advocacy, including on emerging trade issues and the supporting global trade architecture, such as aid for trade. Her areas of interest include Global Value Chain (GVC) analyses within a new trade/new growth context; she has recently submitted her PhD thesis to the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London on this subject, where she also obtained her Msc. in Development Economics. She has approaching ten years of experience of working on trade and development issues, beginning in Vietnam and Cambodia as a Country Economist, private consultancy, before joining ODI. As a Research Fellow with the ODI she has been following EU-ACP trading relations closely, including providing analytical support to ACP members regarding their trade positions with the EU.

She has published most recently in the IDE-JETRO (2014) publication titled "Delivering Sustainable Growth in Africa: African farmers and firms in a changing work" on the governance of GVCs (edited by Dr Takahiro Fukunishi, IDE-JETRO), is involved with other research consortium including on firms and traders in value chains, and has a forthcoming chapter in an ADB publication 2015 on "Production Networks and Enterprises in East Asia (edited by Dr Ganesh Wignaraja) titled "Global Value Chains and the Least Developed Countries: Cost and Capability Considerations"

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