Policy Officer, Climate Change, Food Security and Agricultural Development, European Centre for Development Policy Management

Hanne Knaepen is a Policy Officer on climate change, food security and agricultural development issues within the Food Security Programme at the European Centre of Development Policy Management (ECDPM). Currently, she is aiming at widening the Centre’s scope towards more climate change research and expertise. At the same time, she is conducting political economy analyses of climate policies in Africa and Europe and she is working on issues of regional integration and trade in certain regions in Africa. Dr. Knaepen holds a Master Degree in Japanese Studies from the University of Leuven and a Master-after-Master Degree in European Studies from the Free University of Brussels (ULB), both in Belgium. In addition, in 2013 she obtained a doctoral degree in Global Environmental Studies at Kyoto University, Japan, where she resided for a period of four years. In her PhD, she assessed Japanese and Vietnamese policy-making in the area of development assistance and climate change adaptation policies.Since November 2013, Dr. Knaepen regularly teaches a course, organised by the Belgian Technical Cooperation Agency, on the topic of European foreign policy and development cooperation with a specific link to Europe’s external climate action.

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