Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Benin, United Nations Office at Geneva

Eloi Laourou is Plenipotentiary Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was, before his appointment as Ambassador Deputy Permanent Representative of Benin to the United Nations, Deputy Director of the European Department of Foreign Affairs Ministèredes. Mr. Laourou joined the public service in 1986 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In recent years, he has held several positions of responsibility. First Acting Chief of Staff, he went to the direction of international organizations where he held the position of chief service international economic organizations, technical and financial. Because of its quality of good manager, he was posted to the Embassy of Benin in Paris to serve as Second Counselor. Eloi Laourou is also founder and President of International Association for Trade and Sustainable Development. It is rightly the Grand Chancellery of the National Order of Benin has devoted Grand Knight of the Order of Merit of Benin on 27 December 2008.

Amb. Eloi LAOUROU is speaking at the following session