CEO, East African Financial Portal

Aly-Khan Satchu is the CEO of the East African Financial Portal Aly-Khan Satchu ran Global Short End Trading Desks in the City of London for the likes of Credit Suisse First Boston and Sumitomo Bank amongst others. Since returning to Kenya six years ago, Aly-Khan set up the web portal which is an authorised data vendor of the Nairobi Securities Exchange. transmits live, real time stock exchange data for free to the public. The company Rich Management Limited advises incoming investors into the East African community and the business covers investment advice, investor relations, public relations and digital media. Aly-Khan is a frequent Commentator on international media such as Aljazeera, the BBC and other Channels. Aly-Khan produces a Daily Podcast from Nairobi which is distributed by Reuters Insider and can be found on

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