Regional Director, ICT for Trade, TradeMark East Africa

Alban currently serves as the Regional Director of the ICT for Trade Programme at TradeMark East Africa, which focuses on addressing trade challenges related to processes, procedures and systems using Information Communication Technologies, with the aim of reducing barriers to trade within and across borders in the East African Community. He is a seasoned, well-rounded and self-trained ICT and business development/analyst expert with over 12 years of experience in designing, developing and managing Trade, Transport and Logistics Systems in the EAC and Asia aimed at addressing organizational performance and resource optimization. As a proponent of the strategic use of Service Oriented Architecture in system delivery, he has overseen the quick-to-market delivery of systems that have strong value for money proposition, and achieving the desired effects and impact. His innovative and entrepreneurial approach to ICT for Trade within the public and private sector has supported the building of strong partnerships and collaborations within and without trade institutions and organizations in the EAC.

Alban has also worked for other organizations under different capacities at First Lotto Limited, Into Computers Limited, Kusini Offshore Limited, Sherton Vanlines Limited, China Solutions International, China Logistics Limited and UN-HABITAT, developing and implementing ICT projects in East, Central and Southern Africa, and China. 

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