Africa Rising

Africa Rising

Unleashing Africa’s potential

This theme will explore a range of interconnected policy issues connected to Africa’s recent surge in growth, from evolving trade relationships to the continent’s path to sustainable development. 

The CFTA: toward 21st century trade governance for Africa

 Trade Law Centre NPC 

Using Trade to Promote Firm Productivity and Growth

The International Growth Centre

The CFTA in the Context of the Mega-Regionals and Future of the Multilateral Trading System

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

Integrating East Africa: Progress, Challenges and Future Prospects

TradeMark East Africa

The Industry of Conservation beyond Tourism - Africa's Natural Capital

African Wildlife Foundation

The CFTA: What Will it Take to Achieve Africa's Integration Dream?

Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa

From Crop to Chop: Climbing in the Cotton/Textile Value-Chain Through Regional Integration in Africa

IDEAS Centre

Regional Integration and Trade Facilitation - The Case of the ECOWAS Region

ECOWAS - Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development 

Trading Up

Trading Up

The power of inclusive growth

This theme will look at the ways in which trade can be harnessed to boost connectivity and trigger economic transformation in developed and least developed countries. 

Trade and Economic Transformation

Overseas Development Institute

Graduating from LDC Status: Impacts on Trade and Way Forward

Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute

The Role of Trade Facilitation in the Context of Increasing Regional Integration of Least Developed Countries

Southern Voice

Challenges in implementation and financing of TFA

South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment

Emerging governance

Emerging governance

Policy frameworks for shared goals 

This theme will look at how effective governance policies and frameworks can be used to harness investment for sustainable development, engage equitably in mega-regional trade agreements, and ensure trade rules are respected.

Mega-Regional Agreements: Challenges for South Asia

Indian Council for Research and International Economic Relations

Trade and investment agreements: the threat to people’s health

The University of Oslo

Assisting Developing Countries and Least Developed Countries on WTO Law

Advisory Centre on WTO Law

Promoting Pro-development Investment Agreements and Policies

Southern and Eastern African Trade, Information and Negotiations Institute, Uganda

Mega-regional Trade Agreements and Services Implications for Developing Countries   


Food Security

Food Security

Feeding the world, sustaining livelihoods

This theme will highlight the relationship between trade policy and food security, with an emphasis on transformation in Africa and climate change concerns. 

Leveraging Trade Facilitation Agreement to Promote Agricultural Transformation and Trade

 African Center for Economic Transformation

Trade and Food Security: Linkages, Policies and Processes

Food and Agriculture Organization

Achieving Food Security by Balancing Policy Space and Policy Discipline

International Food Policy Research Institute

Synergizing Trade and Climate Change for Food Security and Livelihoods in the EAC

Consumer Unity & Trust Society

Climate and Energy

Climate and Energy

From Paris to Nairobi and beyond

This theme will focus on the common policy challenges facing the climate and trade communities. How can these communities work together to help forge workable policy solutions to today’s climate challenges? 

Climate Action in the post-Paris COP 21 world –  Intersections with international trade

ICTSD - South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Trade and nature working together 

This theme will explore the ways in which trade policies can be used to secure a sustainable environmental future.

Measures to improve financing for development policies of the post 2015 sustainable development

Action Green for Trade and Sustainable Development

The Impact of Profit Maximization in Africa on Development, Justice and the Environment

Strathmore University

Addressing Illegal Trade in Nature Capital

ICTSD - Earthmind

Voluntary Standards for Sustainable Trade in Nature Capital

ICTSD - Earthmind

Policy Coherence in Trade and Sustainability

ICTSD - Earthmind

The Voice of Business

The Voice of Business

Policy solutions to practical problems 

This theme will expose new perspectives to generate solutions for key trade policy challenges facing private sector. 

From Drifts to Deals: Advancing the WTO Agenda

International Chamber of Commerce

Advancing Trade Development: Building Sustainable Export Capabilities and Capacity

Export Council of Australia

SMEs: Connecting to Global Markets

Inter-American Development Bank - International Trade Center

The Future of the WTO: How to Rekindle the Interest of the Private Sector

The Evian [email protected]


Focus Africa

Focus Africa

Connecting to global markets

This theme will look through a policy lens at the exploding opportunities for economic growth among emerging players in Africa. 

On the Road to Competitive Manufacturing: What we Need To Do

Kenya Association of Manufacturers

Digital Trade

Information Technology Industry Council - Techno Brain

Harnessing Manufacturing to Africa's Trade and Growth: From Lagging to Leading Sector

Internationa Growth Center - Fondation pour les Etudes et Recherches sur le Developpement International

E15 Initiative

E15 Initiative

The future of global trade policy

This theme will take a fresh, strategic look at key challenges and opportunities for the global trade and investment system.