Africa Rising

Using Trade to Promote Firm Productivity and Growth

15 December
14:00 - 15:30
Tsavo Room Hilton


TDS LIVE | Using Trade to Promote Firm Productivity and Growth

Session objectives 

Despite significant efforts from governments around the globe to reduce tariffs and discriminatory barriers against imports in goods and services, international trade flows continue to be affected by high trade costs. These costs limit the role that imports play, both nationally and as part of global value chains. If unconstrained by barriers to trade, imports could not only increase the bundle of goods available, but also work as a vehicle for competition, disseminate embedded technology and provide crucial inputs into the production of further goods and services. The panel will present recent research findings on the role of efficient service provision in enhancing the productivity of manufacturing firms, discuss the role of lowering trade costs and imports in spurring economic growth, and debate how promoting regional value chains can propel the access to world markets.



  • Country Director for Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan, The International Growth Centre