Emerging Governance

Promoting Pro-development Investment Agreements and Policies

16 December
15:15 - 16:45


TDS LIVE | Promoting Pro-development Investment Agreements and Policies

Session objectives 

Investments are crucial in increasing the productive potential of a country and directly contribute to economic growth and development. Such benefits include more employment opportunities, increased incomes to the citizenry, improved welfare and standards of living. However, these benefits are not automatic; they require an effective policy mechanism to facilitate a pro-development investment regime at national, regional and global levels. A number of trade and investment related negotiations are being conducted world over to attract investments.

The World Investment Report 2013 by UNCTAD however recommends that any investment agreement a country is entering be examined based on how it balances state commitments with investor obligations and promote responsible investments; ensure an appropriate balance between protection commitments and regulatory space for development and shield host countries from unjustified liabilities and high procedural costs. The session will therefore discuss what could be the right investment regime for transforming the economies of LDCs.

The objectives of the session are;
I. To examine the global dynamics of investment policies and treaties and their implications on development.
II. To discuss the new progressive investment models, and draw lessons for LDCs.
III. To consider regionalism as a mechanism for harmonising investment policies at national levels.


  • Chief Executive Director, SEATINI Uganda
  • Legal Advisor and Senior Researcher, Third World Network
  • Country Director, Southern and Eastern African Trade Information and Negotiations Institute Uganda