Africa Rising

The Industry of Conservation beyond Tourism: Africa's Natural Capital

17 December
09:00 - 10:30
Tsavo Room Hilton


TDS LIVE | The Industry of Conservation beyond Tourism: Africa's Natural Capital

Session objectives 

Conventional wisdom holds that Africa, and particular Africa’s leading private sector players, cannot afford to take a keen interest, or a leadership role in conservation of the continent’s wildlife and wild places because human needs on the continent are so pressing. However, thoughtful people are discovering that this false dichotomy that must be debunked. If we cannot find a balance between nature and economic development, humans will suffer the most. Wildlife numbers are the key, measureable indicators of our ability to find this balance. This session had three objectives:
• To engage with the world’s and Africa’s trade and development stakeholders in a meaningful and relevant exploration of the issues around conservation and development.
• To develop, through informal discussions and exchange, a uniquely African perspective, vision and voice, ‘reclaiming’ the African conservation agenda for Africans; and the world at large.
• To explore the potential of developing a new small core of support leaders for conservation and development in Africa, with a few leading voices from each of Africa’s main regional blocks.


  • Senior Director, Business Competitiveness, TradeMark East Africa
  • Technical Officer, Freeland
  • Vice President, Government Relations & Program Design, African Wildlife Foundation
  • Law Enforcement Manager, African Wildlife Foundation