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From Drifts to Deals: Advancing the WTO Agenda

15 December
10:10 - 11:40
Open sessions


TDS LIVE | From Drifts to Deals: Advancing the WTO Agenda

Session objectives 

Given the state of global economy and those of international trade discussions today, ICC is carrying the message that trade generates growth and growth generates jobs. The latest ICC commissioned report from the Peterson Institute for International Economics, “From Drifts to Deals: Advancing the WTO Agenda”, helps demonstrate to governments and the general public.

This panel will suggest concrete ways to reach trade deals that will generate economic growth and create jobs. ICC will provide analysis and recommendations of key issues that WTO members need to include in their work following MC10 in Nairobi as well as initiatives that need to be advanced from the starting point of plurilateral talks to the end result of multilateral application. With these recommendations, ICC hopes to create a better understanding of the value of open trade in the eyes of the public and governments.