Africa Rising

From Crop to Shop: Climbing in the Cotton/Textile Value-Chain Through Regional Integration in Africa

17 December
13:30 - 15:00


TDS LIVE | From Crop to Shop: Climbing in the Cotton/Textile Value-Chain ...

Session objectives 

Integrating into the global and regional networks of value chains is widely regarded as essential for achieving transformative growth on a sustainable basis. To boost productivity and ensure their competitiveness, countries need to create business-stimulating environment and engage in deeper regional integration. In Africa Regional Economic Communities and CFTA are used as building blocks towards African economic union that should guarantee an integrated and well- functioning market without borders. Promoting creation of regional value-chains in Africa is essential to develop trade linkages among RECs and advance continental integration. Cotton/textile value chain is a showcase example of how better to integrate production and transformation zones. Cotton production offers also a chance to develop agro-business through production of oil, cattle food and cosmetics, helping thereby to diversify the production base. Cotton / textile sector offers opportunities to climb the value chain if appropriate policies are in place on a country and regional level and institutional framework promotes investments and transfer of knowledge. This session invites a debate on the opportunities and spill-over effects created by two simultaneous processes in Africa: deepening regional integration and strengthening the cotton value chain. Presentations will be given by value-chain specialists as well as public and private sector representatives of the cotton/textile sector in Africa.